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The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) is a comprehensive framework for the political and socio-economic transformation of African countries and the African continent initiated by the African Union in 2001. The features include principles of African ownership and multi-stakeholder partnership in a collective resolve to move Africa forward.

As such, NEPAD promotes partnership:
Between all the countries of the continent of Africa;
Between the public and private sectors in Africa;
Between African governments and their civil societies; and
Between Africa and the rest of the world – including multilateral institutions like United Nations system, the World bank and the IMF, and the G-8 group, among others.
The primary objectives of NEPAD are:
To eradicate poverty
To place African countries, both individually and collectively, on a path of sustainable growth and development
To halt the marginalization of Africa in the globalization process and enhance its full and beneficial integration into the global economy and
To accelerate the empowerment of women.

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