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Objectives of NEPAD Business Group

The NEPAD Business Group Nigeria shares information on trade and investment opportunities in Nigeria and in the African continent and encourages private sector involvement in sustainable development projects in Nigeria.

Specifically, the NBGN:
Provides information, data and research support for private sector businesses involved in the execution of NEPAD projects and programmes.
Promotes effective partnership among businesses within and beyond Nigeria as well as between private organizations and public agencies especially towards joint venture project execution and public private partnerships.

Provides policy input to guide government in the formulation of policies especially as they relate to economic growth and social development.
Facilitates access of small, medium and large enterprises to a wide-range of investment funds available under the NEPAD framework in order to optimize the use of these resources.
Develops and promotes adherence to international codes and standards of best practice in corporate governance among its members and affiliates.
Promotes greater awareness of and public support for NEPAD programmes and activities among all stakeholders within and outside Nigeria.
Cooperates with other NBG national business forums on the continent to foster overall growth of the various states in Africa.
Creates opportunities for members to network with other members of the local private sector/business community and counterparts within the ECOWAS sub-region and beyond, with a view to exploring investment and trade opportunities.

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